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2017 TCPS Master Schedule

2017 TCPS Track MS Championships Info - April 21 & 22, 2017, at Trinity Valley (details TBA)

TCPS MS Track League Overview:
1) Informal meets: No pre-registration, no entry limits, athletes report to the checkin area prior to the race & they will be heated. No entry fees. Time your own kids. Genders will be heated separately, attempts will be made to heat grades together in the same heats. Rolling schedule (i.e., no time schedule).Shotput & Discus: only those athletes who throw the shot & disc & are not in a running event are allowed to compete.

2) Hurdles: Everyone runs the 100 Meter Hurdles (there is no 110 Hurdles for the boys). Hurdle heights: 100 Hurdles - 8th Boys 33", everyone else 30"; 300 Hurdles - everyone 30".

3) Shotput - everyone throws the 4 kilogram shot. Discus - everyone throws the 1 kilogram disc. (This is to help budgets & keep all impements the same.)

4) Medal meets (& TCPS MS Championships) - All entries online at For entry limits check the individual meet info. Divisions & other limitations dependent upon the host school.There will be entry fees for the medal meets to cover the costs of medals, staffing, etc..., & is dependent upon the type & size of meet. Check the individual meet info for the entry fee.